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Crime Scene Trauma Cleaning & Decontamination

Crime Scene Trauma Cleaning & Decontamination



WCL Facilities Bio Clean Division is here to help. We remove the visible signs of a tragedy so families, people and Communities can begin the grieving process. This is a difficult time, let us help by restoring order. If you need assistance, or have a question call 0121 458 3001.



We specialise in cleaning and sanitising these scenes & restoring order:

  • Suicide
  • Homicide
  • Mass Fatality
  • Decomposed Body
  • Human or Animal Faeces
  • Police/hire/taxi Car Decontamination
  • Vehicle Accident
  • Meth Lab Decontamination
  • Hoarding and Hoarder Homes
  • Police Chemical Cleaning
  • Industrial Accident
  • Vandalism
  • Drug House
  • Disaster Scene Recovery
  • Bed Bug Decontamination

Our services go beyond typical cleaning and our team of professionals is ready to help.

Who pays for this kind of cleaning? Will my Insurance cover this kind of cleaning?
Yes, insurance often covers these types of loss. We are experienced in filing insurance claims for families.

Does law enforcement clean a home after a traumatic scene has occurred?
No, this is not a service law enforcement, coroners, or fire rescue provide.

What type of vehicle will you arrive in?
We have unmarked, discreet vehicles, & our WCL liveried vehicles